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Conrad's Famous Bakery

 295 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn

Tel: (718)773-8266/(347) 221-1519

Fax: (718) 773-4214

5101 Church Avenue, Brooklyn

Tel: (718) 942-4420

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Conrad's Famous Bakery Reviews


Ashley   - 10/17/08

I have never had such great service before. I mean I’ve been to other places before, but I have never received such friendl...


Anisa Figaro October 27, 2008

Every Christmas i could rest assured that i can depend on Conrad,s Bakery for the most tasty, well made and delicious fruit cake in the whole wide world! With great gift packaging, so i can send to my friends as far as Austraila. It is the only 9 rum Fruit cake that tastes just like my Granny used to make it. Thank you Mr. Conrad.


A Yahoo Local user  -  12/04/08
They really are famous for great tasting baked goods. They have yummy pasteries and cakes. Their breads are great too.


Amya Mariani  - a year ago

The best beef patties

Patrice Callender  - 2 years ago
Everything in this shop tastes like my childhood. Authentic Hardo Bread, that if you turn up at the right time is fresh out the oven and needs nothing on it to be delicious. The Vanilla cake with that layer of Pineapple filling and the icing that melts in your mouth.


Adam Powell -  3 years ago
Oh my gosh the bread is good!! The inside is soft and smooth and tastes oh-so-delicious, and the crust is so perfectly crisp yet yielding to my teeth as they sink in... Absolutely the world's most perfect bread. And be sure to eat it while it's hot.

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